by Laura González,

He’s Pedro Rodriguez during the day but p.strange at night, when his “real” job as occupational therapist ends and he enjoys doing pointillist portraits of interesting people. A sketchbook of Klimt, which he bought almost by accident, was the starting point. Since the restructuring of those unfinished women, his alter ego was born, and also pstrangetown, the blog from which he transforms his “little aberrations” in the characters that populate this strange city.

Interested in the illustration for ever, he remembers how his mother let him paint on the walls at home and experiment with all kinds of toys and materials. “I look at the pictures that I made when I was a child and ther’re pretty cool, although it may be weird for me to say so.” He’s tried many techniques: watercolor, oil, pastel, traditional color pencils and watercolor ones… But his favorites are long fine tip markers. “I’ve always liked to draw people with freckles on the face, arms, neck … and by extension in all parts of the body. Pointillism began and since then I could not stop.

The portrait, immediate and simple, and the naïf style, are his hallmarks. Despite not feeling particularly interested in fashion, he gives his opinion about editorials, which he finds everytime more creative, and admits to buy magazines to be surprised by those models that do not follow general standards of beauty and have imperfect faces or features, but are much more attractive to him. “Imperfection is much drawable” he sentences. Today he introduces us the women that have recently caught his eye and he has drawn on the basis of many colored dots. They are Susana López (the girl with carnivorous flowers), Belén Segarra (the girl reindeer with scarf), Henar Bengale (the girl reindeer with geometric form) and Phebe Rendulic (the girl with red hair and  bobbles ).

To finish and getting to know him a little better we’ve asked about his strange universe, what is with it and what not. “I like ice cream lemon, Isabel Coixet’s films, Scarlett Thomas’ books, art museums, music on vinyl, photocameras, children’s picture books, white color, collecting photos, illustrations and beautiful snowballs. But don’t like people too sympathetic, lentils, to make me wait, noisy places, Spanish topics,  excessive spelling mistakes or vampire stories that shine. “

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