Malika Favre

by Laura González,

Malika Favre is a French illustrator based in London and reflects on the inspiration of this charming city that never stops. Because London will always be London, source of culture, fashions and trends. Its daily influence provokes her desire to go all the way to the essence of the characters and objects she draws. Pare things down as much as possible and limit the amount of details in such a way that color becomes the main character of the illustration and gives life to it. Minimalistic, she prefers telling stories with as few elements as they need. But the thing is the idea must come up first and be energetic enough, because behind the simplicity of shapes must be a very strong concept. She loves surprising herself and lives obsessed with fashion and clothes of clean cuts. “The same thing I like in my designs, I like in my clothes. I even tend to dress the same colors.” While she publishes on New Yorker, Wallpaper* or Marie Claire, among others, one day she may jump into their pages as one of her characters.


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