Las goyanas de Frida Wannerberger

by Sònia Vivó Sarrià,

Shocked is how we feel in front of Frida Wannerberger’s illustrations, a pure mirage between fashion and German expressionism. The Sweden Saint Martins’ student’s characters will not disappoint you; they bring us to a world where ugliness meets beauty. Bodies and faces are distorted, gloomy. Their inner sorrow it’s exalted by Byzantine clothing, prints and colorful.

The drawings of Frida denoted her sensibility upon fashion, and at the same time, we feel gothic brush-strokes of her early work. “I feel I’m somewhere between Halloween town and Fortnum & Mason (1)”- as she claims in her own words on 1 Granary, Saint Martins’ publication. Give your own opinion about on her blog.


(1) London Deparmental store, a United Kingdom’s symbol because of been the royal supplier for 150 years.