Illustrated Q&A to Ralf Ziervogel

by Laura González,

German artist Ralf Ziervogel’s drawings can be seen until january the 26th in Kewenig Gallery in Palma de Mallorca: recent works of little format and an inmens great design created specially for this exhibition that covers the walls of Sant Feliu Oratory. His delicated and complex work based on ink has consecrated this showing. We’ve wanted to take advantage of his presence on the island to get to know him better. He’s been subjected to our illustrated test and he has answer wiht his work and imagination.

What do you like to wear in your feet?

Test ilustrado de Ralf Ziervogel |
Binaer on my right, 2010. White ink on Gucci boot. 37 cm x 12 cm x 43 cm.

Your last travel, where it was?

Test ilustrado de Ralf Ziervogel |
Untitled (Fürst Pückler), 2011.  Three scoops of ice cream (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry) on an Aspen tree as an eternal installation in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado USA. 6,5 cm diameter each.

How do you fight with the boredom winter?

Test ilustrado de Ralf Ziervogel |
Untitled, 2012. Ink on paper. 23 cm x 31 cm.