Illustrated Q&A to Carla Fuentes

by Laura González,

Test ilustrado a Carla Fuentes |

Carla Fuentes is Little and Little is drawing. The drawings of this little girl from Valencia, with a particular vision of everyday objects and indie characters, are already recognizable to the eyes of many. Used to the Internet (she uses almost every social media), she has defined the image of many brands and trends, painted by hand walls of shops, imagined beautiful beach houses and published for cool magazines but also more judicious ones. She has portrayed on her diary “her muses” of literature, music and film and some essential objects. There, she also shares poetry, but mainly she draws.

To get to know her a little better, we’ve wanted to ask her three questions to which she would answer drawing, of course. How is your ideal awakening? What is not missing in your fridge? Your favorite garment? To this brief interview, she gives us a page of her notebook as a gift.

Test ilustrado a Carla Fuentes |







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