Illustrated Q&A for Lovisa Burfitt

by Laura González,

This Swedish and Paris lover has always held a place in the heart of “it because Lovisa Burfitt has managed to diversify fashion illustration with skill and craftsmanship. In addition to drawing for Chanel and Givenchy, she has dressed the walls of H&M worldwide, decorated tea sets or designed under the brand Burfitt. Her style exudes an expressive air of artificiality recognizable to the naked eye and today gives us happiness, Ann Demeulemeester stiletto booties and portrait of Pris from Bladerunner in our illustrated q&a.

The best pair of shoes you’ve ever bought?

Test Ilustrado Lovisa Burfitt |

What does happiness look like for you?

Test ilustrado Lovisa Burfitt |

A science fiction heroine you admire?

Test ilustrado Lovisa Burfitt |
Test ilustrado Lovisa Burfitt |