Illustrated Q&A for Caroline Andrieu

by Laura González,

From the relationship between a French printer and Slovakian librarian, could only be born someone very special. Caroline Andrieu, fashion illustrator linked to Condé Nast France during the past years, has always been passionate about the print object and was drawn into two cultures. The classicism of Ingres stimulated her imagination while studying, but also Dali’s surrealism, contemporary art from Calle or Barney and graphic novels from Charles Burns or Daniel Clowes. She keeps something of all of them. “What interests me is to liven up the sensuality of materials, of colors, to translate the model’s expressions and sophistication of the hairstyles. Bring back a picture to Life.” And that’s what she does answering the questions of our illustrated q&a.

I would never wear…

Caroline Andrieu |

Who is the most elegant man on earth?

Caroline Andrieu |

How does your workspace look like?

Caroline Andrieu |

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