Illustrated Q&A for Ana Teresa Barboza

by Laura González,

Interested in the possibilities of fabric and thread to express her creativity, Ana Teresa Barboza has studied the human body, relationships, or the the environment through embroidered illustrations. Then she has introduced wild animals to mitigate their ferocity with the needle. Through this “traditional female language”, they become domestic and part of family life. This way the artist give images a new meaning. Ana Teresa, which has also bitten fashion design in the name of Anat, has focused on the art from the moment it ended up being more profitable. She’s now preparing her third solo exhibition at the end of year in Wu Gallery, Lima. This time the object of study is the handwork embroidery itself, the process and time this technique takes and related the processes of nature. We celebrate with our illustrated q&a.

Skirt or trousers?

Ana Teresa Barboza |

You will shed tears with…

Ana Teresa Barboza |

Which is the best present you ever got?

Ana Teresa Barboza |

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