Of the ursids

by Laura González,

The illustrator Sara Landeta has been trying to turn the asphalt of Madrid into an adventurous forest for six months. Struggling with her clumsiness, cluelessness and naivety, she wanted to practice how to be a bear during this time and create her own utopia. This is how she created Of the ursids, the exhibition that consists of ten large-format self-portraits in which she is shown as a black bear, an animal that “despite the weak athletic anatomy and lack of visibility, moves from innocence to fierce courage without unhinged “. With colored pencils she becomes this humanized animal, shown wearing sweaters that make a link between the identities and justify her confessions.

Parallel to the self-portraits, Sara has made a collection of 120 Polaroids taken over by collage and typewritten texts. They document the process of transformation and adaptation to the habits and vices of the bears. The exhibition can be seen at the Galería 6más1 in Madrid. An artist’s book with the drawings has been published for the occasion, while Sara hibernates.


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