Grace Coddington’s memories

by Laura González,

 Illustrations |

The film The September Issue, which documents the production of longest American Vogue, revealed hipersensitive Grace Coddington role. Out of date issues of the magazine that arrived late to Wales, waked her passion for fashion up as a teenager. The magazine was also the platform where she began her career of modeling and also of editor in British Edition and American Vogue, where she develops the creative directon since 1988.

Now, the publication of Grace Coddington. A memoir has reveiled her facet as a fashion illustrator, which she cultivates to register the thousands of clothes she’s seen along her life. She already drew her love for cats in a collection of handbags and scarves in limited edition for Balenciaga and now we discover her nervous shyness and funny lines in this drawings that give evidence of a life linked to fashion and its log book Vogue.

Grace Coddington Illustrations |   Illustrations |   Illustrations |  Illustrations |  Illustrations |

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