The eye of Michal Pudelka

by Maike Moncayo,

By now, nobody has to convince us of Michal Pudelka’s raw talent. We fell in love with his work months ago, knowing that we had found something truly special. With overflowing ingenuity he creates exquisite images colonised by cloned girls. A female universe that borders the surreal, garnished with a hint of humour – that irresistible mix that made ​​Tim Walker famous and spiked our adoration for Melvin Sokolsky. And although his mise-en-scène is much more natural and casual, the eye of Michal brings us back to that same Wonderland, but this time in a more eerie and contemporary incarnation.

In 2011 he gave us “Interné”, an editorial commissioned by “it, which testified to his exuberant imagination and wit. Since then, he hasn’t stopped creating new work. Reason enough to reconnect with Michal, so he can share with us some of his most precious works, including a look behind the scenes from the “Interné”-shoot.

My personal work helps me filter my deepest emotions.

Interné from Michal Pudelka on Vimeo.

This is a “making of”-video for the editorial I did for “it one year ago. The main inspiration came from the idea, that at some point in our lives, we all are going to need hospitalization. I also metaphorically played around with the idea of reversing the roles of those who nurse, also need to be taken care of.


“Golden Cage” is a self-portrait collage from my personal series Hypnotica. My personal work helps me filter my deepest emotions.

“You and Me” is also a self-portrait of my boyfriend and myself and one of the first pictures I took of both of us. We have been together for two and a half years and I think this relationship will last forever..

This is the cover I did for Anonym Magazine No. 13, a project that I founded three years ago. It used to be an internet based art magazine, but now we are preparing everything for print.  We are very excited to see our baby going to print!