The eye of Amos Fricke

by Maike Moncayo,

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Amos Fricke’s eye caught us by its clean elegance. Be it fashion photography, still life or portraiture, his camera always seems to be seduced by symmetry and sobriety. Buildings, faces, bodies and horizons become aesthetic elements at the mercy of his careful composition. A perfection, which, however, is often shaken up by a good dose of imbalance. A controlled chaos, if you will, that encourages the feeling that there is something bubbling under that smooth surface. A disconcerting factor, a latent narrative and even humour. It’s what makes his images so attractive, as well as his interesting use of colour, which highlights that graphic feel inherent in his photographs. Together with the fresh and consistent model casting and setting, these characteristics make the work of this photographer unmistakably contemporary.

Amos, who lives and works in Berlin, has collaborated with young creatives devoted to the present, just like him. Designers Hien Le and Isabell de Hillerin, or fresh publications like Fucking Young. Naturally, we wanted to know more about the author of these pristine images. In a short interview, Amos gave us a brief glimpse into his work and his thoughts on photography.

Being consistent is what helps developing your own style.

How your photo shoots typically begin?

They always begin with a demand, an idea or a desire. What follows is the planning and organization. No session begins like the other. If the context is clear, we can start. If not, it has to be determined first.

How do you develop your own language despite of the visual saturation we experience today?

You should always do what you feel comfortable with and like, that is, staying true to yourself. This how you acquire your own language. Whether it is fashion, portraiture or still life, I almost always work with the same means and similar approaches. Being consistent is what helps developing your own style.

Which image (from another photographer) would you have liked shooting yourself?

None. I’m quite happy with my own work. Naturally, I admire the work of others, but I know that in a similar situation, I would do something completely different. And that’s fine too. There’s admiration and fascination, but not the desire to recreate something that already exists.

What you could see in your first picture?

To answer this question, I would need to know my first picture. But, unfortunately, I can’t remember it.

Who do you like to work with in the future?

With those with whom I have worked successfully in the past. I have no desire to photograph someone in particular, or work for a specific client or in a special place. What I appreciate is when new situations arise and, with them, exchange and constants at the same time.