The Ballerina Project

by Maike Moncayo,

bal1 bal2 bal3 bal4 bal5 bal6 bal7

The Ballerina Project  is a visual catalogue and ode to ballet, signed by photographer Dane Shitagi. For more than 12 years he has been portraying ballet dancers that have worked for renowned companies such as Company as the American Ballet Theater, Boston Ballet, Dresden Ballet Semperopera or New York City Ballet, and young students, who still have a long road ahead of them. New York, grand and sauvage, serves as a canvas for these delicate scenes full of emotion.

Two years ago the project migrated to the digital world and social media, where it has gathered an impressive number of followers. There,  the photographer shares gorgeous bits and pieces, like Instagram videos that explore the creative potential of the app. If you liked the project and want to support Dane’s initiative,  you can buy a subscription for $ 9.95 a year and receive exclusive content and access to an incredible collection of inspiring images.

Thanks to the MIA accesorios for the great discovery.