Best of 2012

by Patricia Valero,

Nothing better to start this newborn 2013 than with a little recap of last year’s top photographic events, and nothing better to do it than having a good look at the “cool & noteworthy” section of The British Journal of Photography’s December issue: remember it’s the world’s longest running photography magazine (established in 1854!), and hence 100% reliable source!

BJP highlights for example 2012’s first edition of Unseen, a hybrid photography festival/fair celebrated in Amsterdam, which even exceeded organisers’ expectations, as its director Roderick Van der Lee points out: “We’ve seen serious international collectors buy up to 60 pieces at the fair, but also a significant group of first-time buyers buying their first artwork”. We surely won’t be missing 2013’s edition!

Lo mejor del 2012 |



The magazine mentions too the 20th anniversary of London’s Michael Hoppen Gallery, devoted entirely to photography, which organised many interesting exhibitions last year, like the Ellen Von Unwerth one we talked to you about here at “it fashion. For Mr. Hoppen “the hunt and discovery of an image has always been more important and exciting tan its acquisition”, a passion visible on each of the works displayed on the walls of his Chelsea Gallery.

Lo mejor del 2012 |

Ellen Von Unwerth


And on top of that, the Journal celebrates, cover picture included, how in 2012 Viviane Sassen’s fashion photography, which we’ve talked about before on “it fashion, finally got the acclaim it deserves through a retrospective entitled In and Out of Fashion. You can still catch it if you visit Huis Marseille in Amsterdam before March 17th.

Lo mejor del 2012 |

Viviane Sassen


Other relevant highlights include photobook The Afronauts, self-published by Spanish photographer Cristina de Middel through Self Publish, Be Happy; new photography magazines such as Outpost Journal, Used or Tissue; the increasing importance of customer magazines such as the COS’s stores one; and, last but not least, the 180 degree turn brought about by Simon Baker at Tate Modern: beating its legendary reticence to show photography, Baker has turned it instead into a true champion of the photographic arts with great exhibitions such as the Daido Moriyama + William Klein one.

Lo mejor del 2012 |

The Afronauts


Looking back at 2012 it looks as an almost unbeatable year for photography, doesn’t it? What will 2013 bring about? We’ve still 350 days to find out, and we hope to be telling you a lot about it through “it fashion, keep an eye on the #Frames section!