La mirada de Fanny Latour-Lambert

by Maike Moncayo,

The work of the Parisian photographer Fanny Latour-Lambert exudes the freshness and irreverence typical of a generation of young artists that have learned to express themselves without fear. A breed of innate talents with great personality and impeccable taste, the majority of these boys and girls haven’t yet turned 20. But thanks to the Internet, they have been able to draw from the infinite source that is this abysmal visual culture archive,  equipping them with a truly impressive aesthetic sensibility. Fanny’s photographs are populated by fresh and young faces just like her. Teenagers that display a sense of ease and freedom that is incredibly fascinating. Not surprisingly, important media such as L’Officiel Hommes and Vogue Italia Online have taken notice of her original work.

Here she has shared some anecdotes about four of her most impressive works.


La mirada de Fanny Latou-Lambert |

This girl is one of my favorite models, Clarice Vitkauskas. I did 3 videos with her and 3 shootings. She’s only 16 years old! I remember one really funny moment in this shoot, when we were setting fire to clothing hanging on the line for a picture, until the fire burned the line and a panty on fire litteraly  jumped in the air and “attacked” Clarice. But, fortunately, no one was hurt and we started laughing so much, we couldn’t stop!


La mirada de Fanny Latou-Lambert |

This was the first shooting I did with a make-up artist and the first test shot I did for Success Models. And it was also the first time this brand new face was in front of a camera. The energy was really great on this shot, and everything went so perfect. We actually found this horse toy totally by coincidence !


La mirada de Fanny Latou-Lambert |

The little boy in the picture is my little brother and my very first model back in the days when I started doing photography. My mom is really happy to have so much pictures of him! It’s been 4 years now since I started shooting with him and he’s always doing great !


La mirada de Fanny Latou-Lambert |

This girl is one of my best friends, but, at first, she was one of my models.  She’s great at painting and drawing, she did the head of the scarecrow that you can see in this picture. And once we also collaborated in a series: she drew on some of my pictures and we are planning more projects really soon!