The Afronauts

by Laura González,

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When we welcomed 2013, our expert in fotography shared the best of 2012 to dismiss a great year of images. On that list was The Afronauts, a book selfpublished by the Spanish Cristina De Middel, which was sold out within months of being released and has become an object of desire (it has been purchased through the eBay website for nearly a thousand euros). Now, the team of Emma Llensa, whom we had the pleasure of meeting through Ubicuo Studio project, returns the work to life and publishes this photobook for iPad, available from next April 17. The official presentation will take place the same day at 19 am in Meeatings23 space in Barcelona and will be attended by the author. The book has been completely rethought for the new support staying true to this beautiful story that mixes exotic and surreal in equal measure.

The Afronauts novels through images the frustrated space race of Zambia, a courageous story that the author documents using a narrative fiction for her book. In 1964, still living the dream of its recent independence, Zambia started a space program to win the race to the moon of the United States and Soviet Union. Only a few optimists supported the project of Edward Makuka, the school teacher who wa choosed to lead the ambitious project and obtain the necessary financing. Financial aid never arrived, United Nations refused to support, but he still performed several experiments and tried to send up a16 year old girl and two cats. After a few months, the girl became pregnant and the project stopped. This heroic initiative became an exotic episode in African history, surrounded by the calamity of war, violence, famine and drought. We enjoy by now with the trailer that Ubiquitous Studio has prepared to welcome (again) this fantastic fable.