Prada Journal: a literary contest

by Estel Vilaseca,

Prada launches a literary contest of short stories with Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore. With the intention to search for new artists,  wants to connect with writters who can see the world with a unique, rare gaze and opens Prada Journal.

What are the realities that our eyes give back to us? And how are these realities filtered through lenses?

Prada Journal is searching for short stories of a minimum of 10 pages and maximum of 20 pages on A4 sized sheets, each page to contain approximately 400 words, focusing on the inquire of the reality and its perception, especially: Views of the world. Images, marks, ideas”. The stories can be proposed in
any language chosen without any restriction. The prize: 5000 euros and the possibility to see your tale published. The contest that was launched past 18th of April, will end on 18th of June. You can send your Short Story at

With that initiative, Miuccia brings back the words and the intellectual glamour. She entitled “Poeme” her last collection of glasses, and that was not random.