Juliette Cassidy

by Juliette Cassidy,

After living in Barcelona I moved to Boston to study Arts and Photography at Masachussets College of Art and Design. When I finished my degree I was 22, and I made my way back to Spain. In less than like, 2 weeks I headed out to Mexico city in order to work as a photographer at Notmusa, the second major publishing company in Mexico. After almost 2 years I quit, well they fired me, to be accurate. From what my boss told me I was too rebel to be in a company like that. Anyways, I started working as a freelance both in different kind of artistic productions and mexican fashion magazines. I currently live halfway between Miami and Barcelona working on the series “People we know (these Americans)”, I arrange my own fashion editorials and I do a reseacrh about though small, emerging underground culture here in Miami. I do like fashion though I’m not crazy about it. I always find different ways to develop myself as a photographer. And at this point, fashion for me is just a tool to develop either my cretivity, my aesthetic taste and my intuition.