Anabel Luna

by Anabel Luna,

She says fashion photographer when someone asks her about her profession and passion, but there are much more things in Anabel Luna’s life. Things like interior design, her own furniture, to be an actress and become someone other during hours, or things like to produce her own fashion features and even teach workshops with everything she knows.

Anabel lived in London and Berlin where she didn’t stop to portrait models and friends with her analogic cameras. “Living far from home you realize that every little corner around the work has a different light, and at last your style doesn’t matter, every time you travel, it changes and gets better.”

With a delicate point of view and author of sensual and passionate pictures, this readhead of 27 years has worked with fashion designers like Manuel Bolaño, Roberto Piqueras, Rebecca Martin, Miguel Vizcaíno, and brands like Oyhso, Natura, Elementum, Escuer and published in national and international magazines. Currently she is working in two big projects, a fashion one called Daily and an artistic one (L’ebanista/Coming Soon…).