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Kitmen Keung: long distances

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Kitmen Keung |

Share! Share in Facebook Share in twitter Object of Desire Kitmen Keung: long distances by Sònia Vivó Sarrià, 13 Nov 2013 Kitmen Keung found a design gap in the time industry, a necessity born from his past. This industrial designer was born in Hong Kong and from an early age he had to move to Canada, there… Read more »


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BU |

BU o be yourself is the new Italian brand of Anya Bumagina, it calls for self-confidence, believe in your ideas regardless the difficulties may be. Though be a great enthusiastic about fashion since she was children, Anya studied advertising and marketing and started her career in her own estate agency business. However, she decided the right moment to… Read more »

María Aparicio: Knitting photographies

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María Aparicio |

The Chilean artist Maria Aparicio is famous for her original white and black photographies remaked by using color thread. Her work is based on the geometric relations between elements of photographies that she took from social networks, such Flickr. Usually, she is asked why she doesn’t take her own photographies but María refused to do it,… Read more »


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Yosoou | Itfashion

We found ourselves walking down to the mundane and narrow streets of Tokyo. There is a motorbike, a park and a house. The ambient is casual as are this comfortable coats, presented by the Japanese brand Yosoou by Shin Ito shown at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo. Amazing styling made by Ryota Yamada and Kaori Kawakami.   Photos by

Eco eco: Recycled hopes with Thalia Warren

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Thalia Warren | Itfashion

Even being on MA Fashion and environment at Saint Martins School, Thalia Warren has always known that she wants to design for a different lifestyle. Far away from the aesthetics images of Agnes Lloyd-Platt, which captured a sensible, atemporal, natural and fresh collection; there is sustainable design, hand-dyed garments with local plants of the season, handmade… Read more »


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What’s that?, I hear the kings riding on the Pinar of Valsaín, I feel the humid moss from a Segovian tree. Portugal?, waves broke against precipitous cliffs; landscapes to live on the palm of your hand. News travel stories came from the new winter bag collection of Zubi sisters.

Marbelous wood

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Marbelous wood | Itfashion

Experimentation, art, craftmanship, home; four words which sums up the Project of the Danish Pernille Snedker. Snedker Studio, in 2011, decided to modernize the Nordic wood floors with Marbelous wood, parquet flooring decorated with the forgotten pattern technique of marbling. Surprising results just by composing adding color drops on a water surface and transferring it to a material. This… Read more »

Beatriz Palacios: treasure hunter

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Beatriz Palacio | Itfashion

Beautiful jewelry lost in auctions and little shops are rescued by Beatriz Palacios. With ingenuity and creativity and with the help from experienced jewelers, the spanish designer makes real modern treasures. Her story start in Ireland. After graduating as a mining engineer, Beatriz moved to Dublin, where her jewels flourished at the design and art… Read more »

Marloes ten Bhömer: Challenging balance

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The Oxford dictionary defines shoes as “a covering for the foot, typically made of leather, having a sturdy sole and not reaching above the ankle.” However, this definition is not suitable enough for innovative designs of Marloes ten Bhömer. After finishing her product design studies, Marloes found shoes a fascinating object of study, and since… Read more »

A solar refugee for our heads by Deppieri

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Tete de bois | Itfashion

Andrea Deppieri applies his architecture knowledge and his work experience in big fashion brands as Benetton and Ralph Lauren, in order to create  Tête de Bois. This brand built his wooden hats by using  the solar protection architecture technique called Brise Soleil, which avoid the sun incidence on cristal facades. From architecture, he creates 5 styles… Read more »

Virtuoso Ana Kras

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Ana Kras | Itfashion

Naif, bucolic, naturalism, romanticism, mysticism, art, peace, craft, photography, design; is what gifted Ana Kras inspired us. Coming from Serbia, when Ana Kras had graduate from the University of Applied Arts in Belgrade, she moved into The States, and from so on she hasn’t stopped: illustrating for big magazines such as Vice, making musical videos, taking… Read more »

A rural winter with Lauren Moffatt

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Lauren Moffatt | Itfashion

Lauren Moffatt brings us to winter with her freshly baked fall-winter Collection, entitled Cabin rents, shown at NYFW’s fashion show. Moffatt shows us a collection with nordic and countryside airs with a touch of naïf and romantic distinguished style. Pastel muted pastel tones as blue, cream and orange among saturated palette such blue and orange. Basic… Read more »

Faustine Steinmetz: To street to fashion

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Faustine Steinmetz | Itfashion

501’s jeans and Eastpack‘s backpack of wool, silver jewelry of velvet inspired by characters outfits’ on the French movie La Haine living in suburban Paris; tracksuit made wholly handmade by hand-woven England wool. Faustine Steinmetz remakes by hand the daily fashion items by using completely different garments; moving our wardrobe, some how, into Haute Couture. She… Read more »

Frederick and Mae: Mandals, fly!

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Frederick and Mae | Itfashion

Why not? This is what Frederick and Mae studio’s wonder about when they discovered an unexplored design field: the millennial games. With a heightened sensibility they have brought classical games, such as: bocce set, marbles, domino set; to XXI century, by enriching them aesthetically and by using eco-friendly materials. We fell in love with kites, beautiful objects,… Read more »

Ode to the Holidays

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Chrissie White | Itfashion

Feel the sun warm under the sand, and wind breeeze together with soft breath. Water which makes your hair stand on end, detox vegetation, get lost in the nature; rest. The young photographer Chrissie White explains us on Rookie what the holidays really are about with her breathtaking pictures at Sierra Mountains, with her bestfriend Sammie during… Read more »