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DOCfield>14: Behind Open Doors

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DOCfield>14: Behind Open Doors |

Share! Share in Facebook Share in twitter Frames DOCfield>14: Behind Open Doors by Patricia Valero, 25 Jun 2014 It was about time Barcelona embraced a photography festival along the same lines as Les Rencontres d’Arles, Visa Pour l’Image, PHoto España… And thanks to the Fundación Photograhic Social Vision, also responsible for bringing World Press Photo…

Bowie: Sound and Vision

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David Bowie |

In David Bowie’s universe, sound has always been as important as vision. And for his new album in 10 years it couldn’t be otherwise. This time, in an exercise of photographic appropiationism–the movement which defends that creation does no longer imply producing a new work of art, but retrieving and giving new meaning to an… Read more »

Good Night London

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Jesús Madriñán |

Here is London, giddy London Is it home of the free or what? Morrissey, “Hairdresser on Fire”, Bona Drag As Morrissey says on another verse in this same song, London is “home of the brash, outrageous and free”. And one of the places where this statement might be the most visible could be the night… Read more »

Alix in Wonderland

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Alix in Wonderland |

The always incisive Joan Fontcuberta says the following on his essay “The Dance of Mirrors. Identity and Photographic Flows on the Internet”: “The mirror encapsulates a symmetrical and hidden world, whose access is tempting. Therefore, when Lewis Carroll makes Alice cross the mirror, in the second volume of her adventures, he is making her enter… Read more »

Welcome to Steidlville

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When people ask Günter Grass why he chose to grant Gerhard Steidl with the rights to all his works, the German artists always says the same thing: “I fell in love with Steidl.” A similar feeling took over “it fashion magazine’s team last week during the presentation of the exhibitionSteidl: el arte de hacer libros… Read more »

Best of 2012

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Lo mejor del 2012 |

Nothing better to start this newborn 2013 than with a little recap of last year’s top photographic events, and nothing better to do it than having a good look at the “cool & noteworthy” section of The British Journal of Photography’s December issue: remember it’s the world’s longest running photography magazine (established in 1854!), and… Read more »

Committed beauties

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Belleza comprometida |

Each period of expansion is succeeded by a period of recession, with its consequences for the collective consciousness: in the 20th century, the Great War was followed by the roaring twenties, and those by the starker thirties; after the consumerist euphoria of the fifties came the much more socially aware sixties and seventies, but the… Read more »

Sally Mann’s “nolitas”

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Las “nolitas” de Sally Mann |

Photographing little girls is complicated. And it can easily verge on the controversial. Just remember how hell broke loose with Tom Ford’s editorial for December’s 2010 Vogue Paris,  the one with very little girls which got—so they say— its then director, Carine Roitfeld, fired. Vogue was mostly accused of sexualising little girls through clothes and… Read more »

Melinda Gibson and her DIY photobooks

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Around a year ago, photographer Joan Fontcuberta wrote at Babelia, El País’ literary supplement: “We’re witnessing a photobook boom. […] And all this takes place while bad omens predict both the end of printed paper and the death of photography.” Firecracker’s October’s featured photographer, former assistant to Martin Parr or Wolfgang Tilmans and FOAM Magazine photography… Read more »

Art by an Act of God

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Glen Luchford’s new book, Damaged Negatives, is a kind of joint venture between himself and an “Act of God”. What? Indeed: it is, no more no less, and we assume for the first time in the history of photography, co-authored by a photographer and a flood… “I put the images in storage for two weeks,”… Read more »

Exiting the comfort zone

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A few weeks ago, Barcelona witnessed the opening of The New York Times Magazine. Fotografies exhibition, a retrospective already shown at Les Rencontres d’Arles photography festival, and also at the FOAM gallery in Amsterdam. This exhibition shows the important role of the afore-mentioned publication in shaping the possibilities of magazine photography through its commissioning and… Read more »