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Impressionism & Fashion

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Impresionismo y moda |

Share! Share in Facebook Share in twitter Work of Art Impressionism & Fashion by Natalia G. Sans, 19 Dec 2012 In music, in literature, in art… we associate impressionism with many disciplines, but have we never associate it with fashion? The Musée d’Orsay in Paris does, with its exhibition l’Impressionnisme et la Mode. The exhibition, which we will… Read more »

Wearing art

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Vistiendo el arte |

One more week in Arte y Parte, the mix of textiles, designers and trends unites different worlds. This week we discovered Kindah Khalidy, a Californian painter who doesn’t just paint. Her creations go far beyond painting and they are almost textile creations, so… Can we call them fashion? Her drawings and unique shapes, created by… Read more »

Back to basics

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La vuelta a los principios, la vuelta a lo natural, al handmade, los productos ecológicos, los blogs de DIY. Todo suma y nos hace pensar en un nuevo boom hacia lo sostenible, las cosas hechas con productos que conocemos y sobre todo, con mucho amor. So we are not surprise when we see the textiles… Read more »

Searching Boundaries

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Boundaries. Limits. “A reflexión about the architectural limits which feed places”. That’s how Manifesto Reche defines its new collection called just like that: “Boundaries”. Places. Architecture. The thing that separates time, the line which allows everything will be in permanent change. With this collection we are going to talk again about fashion linked to architecture. But, where are the limits? This… Read more »

Organic Constructions

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When visiting Izaskun Chinchilla’s website, you might think that you are in a web of cross stitch, handmade things, home decoration, (see the “Tree species”!) … But the fact is that Izaskun is an architect from Madrid, who offers us an architecture style associated with fashion. Again in this section, fashion and architecture come together. Today… Read more »