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BEtoSEE: don’t follow fashion, choose it

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BEtoSEE: don't follow fashion, choose it |

Share! Share in Facebook Share in twitter 3.0 BEtoSEE: don’t follow fashion, choose it by Marisa Fatás, 29 Jan 2015 Atelier Bartavelle BEtoSEE: be the change you want to see in fashion. This is one of the claims of BEtoSEE, the new pretail fashion platform, and new venture of Michael Hadida, ex CEO of Tranoï,… Read more »

Lotocoho, a world of symbols

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Lotocoho |

Lotocoho invents his own language starting from geometric coordinates. Interprets signs to translate them into symbols and so builds his own paradise in the world. Having defined the architecture, the landscape gets adapted to human scale and be transcribed into jewelry of gold, silver, copper, bronze, brass, gemstones or different kinds of wood. Anna Tomich and… Read more »

Dear Abra

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Diana Kunst retrata la última colección de Dear Abra |

Between tennis courts and tiled changing rooms, Diana Kunst locates the new designs of DEAR ABRA designs. As she did with the previous collaboration, she illustrates them with primary colors and geometric backgrounds creating such visual compositions define their work so well. Wrecked Cars and crumpled metals with encrusted pieces of tapestry inspire this new DEAR ABRA collection…. Read more »

Animal Ceremony by Rocio Alvarez Albizuri

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'Ceremonia Animal' de Rocío Álvarez Albizuri |

The fugitive and weightless poetry of Rocio Alvarez Albizuri capture in his verses the moment when we more anchor us to the earth, making cult of our more animal side. And for it, she transits the map of love, “the result of a journey full of rituals, impossible images and wild forces.” In Animal Ceremony,… Read more »

Queer through fashion: from the closet to the catwalk

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Following the prevailing norm is not always, nor in many cases synonymous with success.  To break the rules in search of a personality, although difficult and courageous, can be a way to conquer the individual space that is our own right.  This exhibition, A Queer History of Fashion: From the Closet to the Catwalk, shows… Read more »

Children’s Corner

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Children's Corner Dear Abra Diana Kunst |

In this fashion film, Dear Abra, by film maker Diana Kunst, a selection of the first collection of Abra Ortuño, entiltled Children’s Corner, is premiered. The work of both artists is spectacular.  The selection of three pieces, one for each of the characters that appear in the film (all represented by the same model) is… Read more »

Erwin Blumennfeld: the hidden secret of beauty

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Some things never go out of style, or rather, they are still modern. That is to say they throw new arrows to the senses and put it on warning. This is the case of the graphic work of Erwin Blumenfeld (1897-1969), photographer and versatile artist. Originally from Germany, his collages and photomontages place him at the scene of… Read more »