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Tincho & Lola: Sailing on asphalt

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Tincho y Lola | Itfashion

Share! Share in Facebook Share in twitter Eco Eco Tincho & Lola: Sailing on asphalt by Marí­a Pensi, 10 Sep 2013 Waves, the breeze of the sea, skin scraping by the salt, wind at full sail … and just one course. It’s what you feel by going sailing; you venture into an unknown world, just… Read more »

Notas desde Buenos Aires: Cúbreme

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Cúbreme Buenos Aires |

She feels fragile, calm … she breathes fresh air and relaxes … she is facing a different and unique shop window from the rest, a crystal that reveals a landscape of peace that brings just sighs, the kind of sight that you get when everything seems calm, right in the middle of a crazy city… Read more »

Carolina Aubele: A sheet of paper

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Caroline Aubele: Una hoja de papel en blanco |

“Porteña” with  a German influence, slender, elegant, long wavy hair and shy smile. Carolina Aubele after graduating as a costume designer and winning a series of awards that led her to success, opens the doors of her world from creativity, style, philosophy of life and a very feminine perspective. She believes in”connecting with oneself,” a job… Read more »

Melancholy of the past

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Melancolía del pasado |

Bright, grids, transparency, feathers, a little psychedelia and gothic atmosphere, dark lips red and black, giant cherries, masks, ceramics, soft lighting … This is the new 2013 collection of hats by Piers Atkinson: artist, illustrator , fashion designer, fashion editor and DJ, he could be defined as the personification of curiosity. Atkinson is the son… Read more »

Distrae su mirada

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There is something that makes distract the sun, which provokes it to go away and look to another place … certain creatures have landed on earth with extremely summer airs making our planet more colorful and joyful.The artist and musician Iggy Azalea, the tattooed model  Bradley Soileau, the star of “Video Games” by Lana del… Read more »

Phoebe English Minimal Deco

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Su nueva colección primavera verano 2013 “Intimate Shells” (máscaras íntimas) está inspirada en los contrarios y en la repetición de estos, positivo y negativo, luz y oscuridad, sonido y silencio.

London, a study lost in the streets of Hackney casual neighborhood, a young brand born last year with a lot to say in the world of British catwalk and some chills. Phoebe English is working to create new forms over the body, with the emphasis placed on showing how quickly the culture in which we are… Read more »

A winter on film

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A mix of fashion, music and film will be the energetic solution to spend this cold Winter. Colors and patterns come together in a psychedelic mood  from  the hands of this young company in London, Electronic Sheep. This sheep electronic works in knitting scarves, capelines, caps and sweaters experimenting with graphic design to create a fashion… Read more »