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My bikini’s bottom

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Share! Share in Facebook Share in twitter DIY My bikini’s bottom by Laura González, 25 Jul 2013   We proposed Bibiana Carol to teach us how to DIY a bikini’s bottom and it was a breeze. Designer for Guillermina Baeza and teacher at Duduá‘s bikinis workshop, she showed us in a heartbeat that to make a… Read more »

Illustrated Q&A for Anja Kroencke

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Anja Kroencke_cover

Ready for holidays? Fashion illustrator Anja Kroencke already is and shares with “it some details of her summer season. This Austrian by birth, established in New York for twenty years, is inspired by the city of cities and her love for art, fashion and design, with the result of very original combinations in terms of textures,… Read more »

Nylon Sky

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Nylon Sky |

It is common for professional passions to appear during the childhood and fashion design is certainly no exception. Jennifer Ring, soul of London jewelry brand Nylon Sky, still remembers the first time she transformed a fruit packaging into a handbag. This was at age of 7. Two decades later, and after graduating in Interdisciplinary Textile… Read more »

Illustrated Q&A for Ana Teresa Barboza

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Ana Teresa Barboza |

Interested in the possibilities of fabric and thread to express her creativity, Ana Teresa Barboza has studied the human body, relationships, or the the environment through embroidered illustrations. Then she has introduced wild animals to mitigate their ferocity with the needle. Through this “traditional female language”, they become domestic and part of family life. This way… Read more »

Julia’s Turban

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DIY turbante Su Turno |

We had been chasing Julia Vergara for a long time to learn the secrets of her turban and we’ve enjoyed her presence in Barcelona to discover, during the special exhibition and sale of SuTurno at the Helena Rohner boutique. While she chose the right scarf to show us how to use it, Javi, the other half… Read more »

Illustrated Q&A for Caroline Andrieu

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From the relationship between a French printer and Slovakian librarian, could only be born someone very special. Caroline Andrieu, fashion illustrator linked to Condé Nast France during the past years, has always been passionate about the print object and was drawn into two cultures. The classicism of Ingres stimulated her imagination while studying, but also… Read more »

Oliver & Co.

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The sense of smell is probably the most evocative because of its subtlety. It speaks of somebody beyond his own perception, it makes you move in space and time without travelling, it brings absent to present with its aroma. Oliver&Co. is the firm that begun to create hand made olfactory experiences by using the finest ingredients…. Read more »

The Afronauts

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The Afronauts Cover |

When we welcomed 2013, our expert in fotography shared the best of 2012 to dismiss a great year of images. On that list was The Afronauts, a book selfpublished by the Spanish Cristina De Middel, which was sold out within months of being released and has become an object of desire (it has been purchased… Read more »

Illustrated Q&A for Lovisa Burfitt

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This Swedish and Paris lover has always held a place in the heart of “it because Lovisa Burfitt has managed to diversify fashion illustration with skill and craftsmanship. In addition to drawing for Chanel and Givenchy, she has dressed the walls of H&M worldwide, decorated tea sets or designed under the brand Burfitt. Her style… Read more »

But I’m a Supergirl

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Natasha Shalosvili |

That’s Natasha Shaloshvili, a fashion addict who loves drawing clothes, even more than buying them! If that’s not a supergirl … And we now understand the title of her tumblr, But I’m a Supergirl, where among her personal drawings we discover polyhedral traces and mannequins that defy the laws of gravity. It’s obvious this Ukrainian enjoys what… Read more »

My new sweatshirt

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DIY Sudadera |

Welcome Spring! We wanted sun so badly! But considering how changeable this season is we better watch out when lightening layers of clothing. A spring garment that can be warm and chic is the sweatshirt. To rescue those relegated to typical homespun clothes, here are some DIY ideas. Leather shoulder pads like those of All those… Read more »

Illustrated Q&A for Adara Sánchez Anguiano

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Adara Sánchez knows for sure she was born to draw. Although her dream about becoming rhythmic gymnast was frustrated, we appreciate that she took the path of illustration and fine arts instead. Her aim for drawing skin in general, and hands in particular, the knuckles, tendons or bitten nails, promoted her anatomic style reminiscent of… Read more »

Elvira ‘t Hart

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Elvira |

Drawing and fashion. Two passions made ​​one. It is the amazing work of Elvira ‘t Hart: “I love drawing and I love fashion. I can not separate them or choose one of the two, so that’s why I combined them in this way.” Her graduation project  is about the research on how to translate something… Read more »

200 years of fashion illustration in Spain

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200 años de ilustración de moda en España |

Two centuries of national fashion illustration go far. Marta Riera, illustrator and teacher herself has published her doctoral thesis 1800-2000: 200 years of fashion illustration in Spain. An approach to the genre. In it, she has compiled the very best of this discipline to fill the documentary gap on the subject and draw an atlas… Read more »

Fringes everywhere

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Bring to present times past aesthetic is one of the most interesting things of fashion and DIY. For those who feel they should have lived the 20s or The Great Gatsby, fringes can help turn your wardrobe into a flapper’s. The best thing is that they can decorate almost anything. Start by creating or customizing… Read more »