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A watercolor project: Milla Jovovich by Marcelona Gutièrrez, Marella FW14

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Share! Share in Facebook Share in twitter Illustration Now A watercolor project: Milla Jovovich by Marcelona Gutièrrez, Marella FW14 by it fashion, 20 Jan 2015 Marcela Gutierrez was unexpectedly seduced by the world of painting. While she was doing the Central Saint Martins Fashion Design BA she started working with Marc Jacobs or John Galliano…. Read more »

The technological fabrics of Pepa Salazar

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Pepa Salazar‘s “Hyperdry” has been the winner of the Samsung EGO Innovation Project. The designer wants to put together fashion and technology with this collection formed by 8 looks. Inspired by the change and with a black background, the models walked down catwalk below water curtains which made clothes change the color with the hyperchromic… Read more »

Brand New: Karim Adduchi

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We talked with Karim Adduchi, a young designer that presented his latest collections on the catwalk of the Academie Gerrit Rieteld of Amsterdam.  From Moroccan origin, Karim was born within a family of tailors where he grew up between threads and sewing machines. Interesting in drawing and painting, he decided to study Great Arts at the University of… Read more »

“Dicotomía” de Juanma by el Cuco

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Juanma by el Cuco presents his new Spring/Summer collection 2015 called “Dicotomía“, one that aims at a perfect balance between volume and simplicity. It is the first time that the Catalan designer presents his work in the 080. Volumes, prints, and geometric figures stand out. The dark tones contrast with the warm, achieving in this way… Read more »

“The Boy with the Sad Eyes” by Manuel Bolaño

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Manuel Bolaño presents “The Boy with the Sad Eyes”, his Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Inspired by feelings of adolescence and based on the story of a child who collects insects and is in love with a witch, the designer has achieved making all his tissues and accessories shine. Following the accustomed line of the designer, he… Read more »

‘Décalogue. Part VIII’ by Brain&Beast

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Brain&Beast  presents its new summer collection “Décalogue, Part VII. Misfit“. Using the term “misfit”, this brand from Barcelona highlights the importance of the unconventional and change. It is a fun collection with games and riddles and a fair share of colors, attitude and form. The purses created by Musa bajo el Ábrol reformulate the refined style and… Read more »

“Miami Riot” by Krizia Robustella

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  “Miami Riot” is Krizia Robustella‘s new fashion proposal for next year, presenting pieces that confirm the trends for the upcoming summer. Always creating a new universe of its own, the designer has inspired herself from the story of a group delinquents spending their vacation in Miami; a collection that has achieved combining comfort and luxury…. Read more »

‘Dones Mula’ by Miriam Ponsa

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Miriam Ponsa presented her latest collection inspired by the porters of Melilla. This designer continues on the same line that took her to win the prize of the best collection in 2010 and 2013, finding inspiration in strong and hard-working women. The arabic architectural motifs are combined with volatile tissues and volumes that remind the weights… Read more »

‘Eclectic’ by Georgina Vendrell

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  The two highlights of the first day of the 080 Barcelona Fashion shared location and site. Georgina Vendrell presented her collection ‘Eclectic‘ minutes after Guillem Rodríguez did. His focus weighed on her; after having received the special mention of jury with the first collection that she presented on the Catalan catwalk, Georgina Vendrell came back stronger than ever. Pure… Read more »

‘Manifesto’ by Guillem Rodríguez

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Guillem Rodríguez has been in charge of giving the true kick-off to the 080 Barcelona Fashion show. In, we follow the creative process of his latest collection closely. Called “Manifesto“, it is a declaration of intentions and a cover letter for his next professional stop, the Who’s Next fair in Paris. His peculiar vision of masculinity… Read more »

Cut Copy Me

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Photography Carmen M. Ordóñez Styling Leyre Sánchez Hair and Make-Up Miguel A. Tragacete Model Lisette (@ UNO)

The illustrations of Vita Yang

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Vita Yang is an accumulation of contradictions: mimetica and abstract, childlike and mature, careless and meticulous, bold and obvious. Her illustrations adapt to every format, fleeing a concrete savoir faire that aims to conform in every stroke that touches paper. Lover of cats and with a unique outlook, the fast drawings of Vita Yang speak of… Read more »

Salva López’s Indonesia

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We know Salva López from his project, ‘Roig 26‘, a series of photographs which portray the day to day life with his grandparents. His personal work and unique look fascinated us from as of the first look and pushed us to follow the steps that he undertook. Portraying spaces and people created a unique easthetic that… Read more »

ONE IN A MILLION | Ana Menéndez

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Ana Menéndez. She decided to work in the fashion industry without knowing what to do at age 18, so she went to London. She’s danced with Björk and Kate Moss asked her for a drink. She returned and decided to study fashion. Again she went abroad, this time to New York City. She worked with… Read more »

Barceloneta Streetstyle

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How would a day of April be like in Barceloneta? We asked to the photographer Jose Porroche to show us the style that is seen in one of the most crowded beaches in Barcelona with the support of vmfoto.