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Alba Prat H&M People’s Prize

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Alba Prat Syn Chron |

Share! Share in Facebook Share in twitter Collections Alba Prat H&M People’s Prize by Estel Vilaseca, 6 Feb 2013 Finally Alba Prat get it. With more than 2.7k Facebook likes, the young designer from Barcelona won with her collection entitled “Syn chron” the People’s Prize award of the H&M Awards second edition. And talking about synchronies… Read more »

El teorema de Silvina Maestro

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Silvina Maestro Theorema Spring Summer 2013 |

Erudite Silvina Maestro matches fringes, new fabrics, quilted finishes, metallic textures and big patterns in her personal theorema this spring. An unexpected and precise approach to the next bestseller trends that will flourish on the new season.

080 Barcelona Who

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Who 080 Barcelona |

Laia Roca mentions Mario Benedetti and his “Tiempo sin Tiempo” to introduce us her new collection. In a forest of blacks searches the time punctuating with the red, the green, th white and the dark brown. Functional and comfortable garments that take some register from sportwear but adding a contemporary twist. I see somethins of Sybilla on… Read more »

080 Barcelona Jan iú Més x Punto Blanco

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Jan iú Més Punto Blanco |

I was waiting with expectations that show because it is the first real evidence of the 080 project. Two young designers, Jan iú Més, and an old company like Punto Blanco, together in the catwalk. The experiment has turn out to be a capsule collection called in&out that extend the homewear meaning with comfortable, fresh… Read more »

080 Barcelona Manuel Bolaño

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One of the things I love most from Manuel Bolaño is the mess of references he uses to design his pieces. With a literary sprit every new collection represents a new chapter in his biography. Personal tales full of suggestive quotations. In that occasion a friend and golden snow were some of the landscapes that… Read more »

080 Barcelona Krizia Robustella

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Krizia Robustella |

Krizia Robustella opened the Barcelona Fashion Week out of the calendar. The fashion designer is the only brave that shows off the official schedule. While in Madrid a good number of designers make their presentations in the off schedule, in Barcelona one misses the magic of projects like the old Circuit and the reality just talks… Read more »

Making Fashion Move

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Making Fashion Move |

Today I wanted to dress up with a smile. I’ve looked carefully for something new in my closet and I found these animated gifts from Fashgif Tumblr. Some of them are really silly, but others are incredibly funny. A fun way of discovering new trends. Smile!


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Pena Jewels Vancouver |

And here again the Wabi Sabi effect, the aesthetic japanese trend centred on the acceptance of imperfection that is emerging this 2013. Miriam Álvarez of pena jewels has taken ideas from disordered geometries to create Vancouver, her new collection: necklaces, bracelets and earrings inspired by minerals and their imperfect shapes.

Postcards from Paris

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Postcards from Paris by Jordi Labanda |

As you may know, we always love to see things from a different point of view here in “it.  So there is nothing better than the agile trace of Jordi Labanda to give us a quick overview of the last Spring 2013 Couture Shows in Paris. The illustrator has shared a sweet series of sketches titled “Postcards from… Read more »

Charlotte Linton. Scotland

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Charlotte Linton |

Print designer Charlotte Linton, Ermantrude in her illustrated life, takes inspiration from Scottish nature, crafts and the pleasure to travel through its savage coasts in her new collection. In order to fill the maxi scarves with illustrated stories, Linton has been documenting her experiences of her exciting travels in Scotland during the last month. And the… Read more »

No ostentation bag

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Bolso anti ostentaciones Comptoris des Cotonniers |

The new “antipurse” by Comptoir des Cotonniers seems a good and nice idea in response to the actual recession situation. Teaming up with actress and illustrator Charlotte Le Bon, Comptoirs will give part of the benefits to W4, Women’s World Wide Web, a women’s association.

Go Alba, go!

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Alba Prat |

We have been following Alba Prat‘s career since its beinnings. Her first works showed a promising future and we were not wrong. These days this young designer born in Barcelona is one of the finalists of the H&M Design Awards second edition. With a collection inspired by the works of the German artist Carsten Nicolai and… Read more »

Looking back/looking forward

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Atem Books publishing company continues tracing its path. Some weeks ago we interviewed their founders here in “it, while at the same time Tyler Brûlé, Monocle and Wallpaper founder, defined Atem as the “symbol of the Spanish creative rebirth”. With statements like that the beginning of 2013 was sweet. But beside words, the facts are important… Read more »

Perret Schaad SS2013

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Perret Schaad |

Berlin based design duo Perret Schaad, founded by Johanna Perret and Tutia Schaad, continues playing with contrasts in their new summer collection. They have condensed most of the trends, that will emerge this spring, in a subtle and clever way. A sober palette of white, metallic and blue shades. Semi-sculptural silhouettes combined with more fluid… Read more »

La Canariada

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La Canariada |

Always that a Krizia Robustella email arrives inbox it makes me smile. The young designer from Barcelona has turn her tiny shop, placed a few meter of the Inditex Avenue (sorry, Portal del Ángel I might to say), in a space for fresh creativity, un pretentious and with proactive attitude. This Friday it welcomes “La… Read more »