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Piece d’Anarchive

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Piece d’Anarchive |

Share! Share in Facebook Share in twitter Scrapbook Piece d’Anarchive by Estel Vilaseca, 16 Jan 2013 When all the pieces fit the result is cohesive and clear. I found today this spring summer campaign shoot by Paolo Roversi and starring Arizona Muse (the muse!). I love both of them. Put these two together it just can be an idea… Read more »

Clean by Kling

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Clean by Kling |

Russian Red y Najwa Nimri dan la nota en el vídeo que celebra el lanzamiento de CLEAN, la nueva línea exclusiva de Kling.

Antifashion #3

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Antifashion #3 |

For its third edition the ANTIFASHION collective show offers a critical view on our consumerist society. In the context of the current economic crisis, Gigi R.Harrington, curator of the exhibition, wants to make a call for “an art of a daily basis, integrated as something useful for everyday life with the artist as a main character and… Read more »

Spring in motion

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Primavera animada! |

In a spontaneous branding exercise, @monkofstyle plays dress up with the most famous animated cartoon heroines with the spring summer 2013 must haves. A funny wink to the fashion industry from Jerome LaMaar, who in his blog confesses “My religion is Style” and has gained visibility with this game. The illustrated girls have been catwalking before… Read more »

El confesionario de la industria de la moda

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Fashion Industry Confessions |

Fashion Industry Confessions here. Your one and only source into the scandaolus secrets of fashion industry. With Gossip Girl mode on and from anonimaty, in the Fashion Industry Confessions Tumblr they are unveiled big secrets from well known brands and magazines. Beside author site comments, the followers themeselves feed up the blog creating a yummy gossip salad. After… Read more »

Get Surreal

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Get Surreal Pierre Debusschere Bullet |

Pierre Debuschere is brilliant when it comes to his photographic experiments. He doesn’t mind playing and drawing over his own pictures and mix media, thereby, exploring new paths. And just young guns like him can have Elle Fanning in front of the camera and hide the starlet’s face in two pictures. You are a BOLD guy!… Read more »

January Detox

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Enero detox |

For 2013 Pantone has chosen emerald green as the colour of the year. Vibrant and brillant green is the colour of growth, renewal and prosperity as well. So nothing better than starting 2013 in green mode and its purifying and regenerating properties. 1. Eco nail polishes from Kure Bazaar. On sale at Taller Amapola in Barcelona. 18 euros | 2.  Sara Lasry gold… Read more »

Unseen Warhol

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Unseen Warhol |

  Reality continues to write amazing stories. Serendipity scheduled an unexpected encounter between Warhol’s unseen drawings and gallerist Daniel Blau. Although these illustrations had been cataloged nobody paid any attention to them. Blau’s knowing eyes were necessary to give them value … It seems incredible, but these kind of stories continue to occur in 2011…. Read more »

El sueño de Ofelia

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El sueño de Ofelia |

Ophelia in the lake, the Sheakespearean heroine interpreted by the painter John Everett Millais, is a powerful image. On the occasion of Tate Britain’s “Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde” exhibition, Miharayasuhiro and Paolo Roversi have created their own version in a short film, which is exhibited in the show. The unpredictablity of life itself is an idea close to MIHARAYASUHIRO’s heart… Read more »


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Name otoño invierno 2012 2013 |

Name, the Barcelona based design duo formed by Clara Spachs and Irene Sabaté, drew inspiration from the elegance of wood for their last collection. “Wood” is characterized by a set of earthy-coloured, warm clothing, which is made made from wool, silk and cotton. Excellent pieces that work with any wardrobe. If you’re in Barcelona, don’t forget to… Read more »

Keep it simple

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Keep it simple |

Naturalnees is not uncompatible with elegance. To illustrate this: that Patrick Demarchelier fashion feature with Karl Templer as stylist for Interview Magazine. A serie of detox pictures served to enjoy little details and subtle gestures. Poses telling things and the hair…that hair! Vía The Stylesketchbook.


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Once again LOVE magazine congratulates their readers with their super cute and funny advent calendar. And anyone else but Cara Delvigne, the model sensation of the year, to open it. ¡Happy Christmas and loads of love!

Lucky Sunday Market

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Lucky Sunday Market |

Lucky Sunday Market opens a couple of weeks full of flea markets and pop ups in the city that make possible holiday shopping off the beaten track. It will be this Sunday 9 in the store / workshop that Natalio Martín Shoemaker has in the neighborhood of Gracia, one of the cutiest of Barcelona. Besides his Natalios,… Read more »

An Exhib”ition

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An exhibition |

In order to celebrate the new “it, we have created a virtual action. It happens here, in the cloud, where we spend most of the day, discovering, sharing, walking and fighting. Is surfing where we find girls with talent, that inspire us and help us to shape “it. With them we wanted to start this… Read more »