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Louise de Testa: Run the Sun

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Louise de Testa: Run the Sun |

Share! Share in Facebook Share in twitter Eco Eco Louise de Testa: Run the Sun by Carmen Beunza, 3 Nov 2014 Run the Sun collection by Louise de Testa is like a lazy Sunday with friends at the tennis court, when sun is starting to fade away and players just want to enjoy that last… Read more »

Speaking dolls by Niels Benoist and Manon Leloup

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Speaking dolls by Niels Benoist and Manon Leloup |

 Have you ever wondered how the real life of a model is? It might mean cool parties, glamour and the trendy bags as gifts; but it has also a raw and much more mundane side. Film director Niels Benoist and French model Manon Leloup partnered to direct “Speaking dolls”, a short film that explores that … Read more »

Women in clothes: why we wear what we wear

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Women in clothes: porqué llevamos puesto lo que llevamos |

Women in clothes is not a fashion book. Neither a book about fashion. It is something much more delicate and deeper. Why we wear what we wear? With whom do we talk about clothes? What are we trying to achieve when we dress? These are some of the questions of the survey the editors used… Read more »

Tales of Natalie Joos

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Los cuentos de Natalie Joos |

Natalie Joos is much more than a little blonde woman of permanent smile that shares stylish outfits and photos on her blog, Tales of Endearment. The blog is just a reflection of the eclectic inner world and rich imaginary of this fashion stylist, photographer and casting agent that everybody wants. Multifaceted, isn’t it? We asked… Read more »


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Viste normal. Ese es el leitmotiv de la nueva campaña de la firma americana GAP. Ropa simple para que tú la compliques. Para dejar a tus acciones hablar más alto que tu ropa.

Sarah Cristobal & V Magazine, The Interview

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Sarah Cristobal |

Sarah Cristobal has the multifaceted and shinny perspective of an editor who has a long journey  within the editorial field. From to Haper’s Bazaar to AOL to V Magazine,where is current editor.  Surrounded by creative figures like Stephen Gen, V Magazine´s founder or Carine Roitfeld, we wanted to discover her insight in fashion.… Read more »

Jefferson Hack and Diane Pernet declare independence

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Last Sunday, the iconic blogger Diane Pernet and the Dazed magazine co-founder Jefferson Hack talked during a brunch offered by the British fashion Council in the Canon space of the Somerset House. A conversation about creativity in fashion, independent press and the new Project Dazed has launched with the British Fashion Council, Other Mode. Other… Read more »

Veronika Heilbrunner, fashion editor at

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Veronika Heilbrunner fashion editor of MyTheresa  |

Her easy-going style and her  medium-length  messy hair have sneaked Veronika Heilbrunner into the street style insider  A-list. Moreover, the german is also senior editor at the  luxury fashion e-tailer We talk with  her about two of the biggest  current fashion tendencies she personifies: the confirmation of the street style as an unavoidable fashion… Read more »

Caroline Issa imagines the future of fashion magazines

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Fashion talk with Caroline Issa about Fashion Magazine 2.0 era |

Because magazine is now published on paper. In the era of the Internet, the new technologies and digital devices, the little sister of Tank combines, since this autumn, the two formats. It might be a paradox, but it is not. We chat with its editor in chief, Caroline Issa, about Because, about magazines and it’s… Read more »

Slow Beauty

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Belleza sin prisas | Itfashion

Slow beauty is a way of understanding beauty that loves persistence and freshness, and that implies a lifestyle.” The Slow beauty’s philosophy explained by Alexandra Nicolau, CEO of Ecologic Cosmetics, links personal and sensorial pleasure of take care of oneself to the desire of approaching to nature. That is the reason behind the increasing Made… Read more »

We see beauty

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We see beauty_cover

We See Beauty is just a declaration of intentions, even by the name itself. It definitely sees and appreciates beauty from magnificence. This New Yorker organization is a virtual space for ideas, stories and products exchanging which claims for the cooperative movement willing for a more equal society, therefore, beauty. Further about their products, they sell ideas so… Read more »

Dreckig bleiben, seldom and rare

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Dreckig bleiben, insólito  y raro |

Imagine to be able to condense in a perfum the sensation of a Summer beach day with your friends, next to a camp fire and a great cup of wine. That is what wanted to communicate with their first fragance Stefanie Mayr, designer, artist and founder of Elternhaur brand, and Daniel Plattenberg, philosopher and brand… Read more »

The perfume editor

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Frédéric Malle: el editor de perfumes |

A “publisher of fragrances”, that is what Frédéric Malle considers he is. He works with perfumers like an editor works with writers. And it is under that poetic premise that he gives them complete creative and financial freedom in order to create fragrances d’auteur that tell stories and evoke indeas. “French Lover”, “Carnal Flower”, “Le perfum de… Read more »