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by Carmen Beunza,

Veronika Heilbrunner fashion editor of MyTheresa  |

Veronika Heilbrunner


Her easy-going style and her  medium-length  messy hair have sneaked Veronika Heilbrunner into the street style insider  A-list. Moreover, the german is also senior editor at the  luxury fashion e-tailer We talk with  her about two of the biggest  current fashion tendencies she personifies: the confirmation of the street style as an unavoidable fashion phenomenon and the proliferation of online retail shops.

You became a kind of street style reference or icon. How are you experiencing this?

I still can’t believe it. It’s a little unreal and very flattering of course.

Why do you think the street style is such a growing fashion trend lately?

I guess street style is more understandable, because these are “Real” people in realistic clothes. It’s more inspiring than perfectly groomed models in a designers head to toe look.

How important do you think this movement is for the fashion industry and the ways in which we consume and feel fashion?

It’s becoming a lot more personal which I think is very nice. It is amazing to see that people are very interested in personalities and the fashion that connects with that will be successful!

Veronika Heilbrunner fashion editor of MyTheresa  |

The closet at MyTheresa.



How does your job as an editor in combine with your street style insider side?

Honestly, it’s just perfect. Whereas I am visiting all shows, exploring all the new trends and finding my inspiration and ideas for the upcoming season I can draw interest to with my outfits and representing a certain look.

You have worked as a magazine fashion editor before, how this job differs from being an online shop’s editor? 

It is extremely interesting because we at know immediately what women want or,  better in this case: Buy. It is a great insight and really changed my way of working.  I think and work a lot more consumer orientated now.

If you had to choose three fashion trends for 2014, which ones would they be?

I love the soft and romantic 70ies vibe that many resort collections like Alexander McQueen, Altuzarra and Chloé seemed to have as a reference. But I also like the kind of darkness in the summer collections – dark flowers at Dries van Noten and Erdem, and the weird aloha flowers at Marc Jacobs are just amazing.

Veronika Heilbrunner fashion editor of MyTheresa  |

Alexander McQueen flower power.



And I do love all the logo prints! Especially the Alexander Wang “Parental Advisory Explict Content” Sweater is so 90ies, so fresh and really cool. In fact, it is a huge contrast to the minimalism of the last seasons.

Veronika Heilbrunner fashion editor of MyTheresa  |




In what sense you believe the internet and online shops like would lead the future of fashion consumption?

Online shops like are already very luxurious when it comes to service. For example,  you can order a bikini when you are in Papa New Guinea on a boat and you can order a fur when you are in Chile. The package will be delivered to everywhere you want it to and the customer can still send it back for whatever reason.

Especially women who travel a lot or are very busy and also customers who live more in the suburban’s and do not have easily access to all the big shopping cities benefits from these online shops, where local stores, as the name implies, are just local.

What do you think these online shops need to be successful among such a fierce competition?

It is all about the edit which starts already with the buying. And you need of course a very good selection of the best brands. Special collaborations or collections with certain designers and brands on top, is a great thing to stand out from other competitors.

How do you see the future fashion market would be?

As positive as I see the online business, I must say I am very emotional when it comes to clothing. I want to touch it in its environment. So I’m sure there will be a good mix of actual stores and online retail in the future.

Veronika Heilbrunner fashion editor of MyTheresa  |