Caroline Issa imagines the future of fashion magazines

by Carmen Beunza,

Fashion talk with Caroline Issa about Fashion Magazine 2.0 era |

Because magazine is now published on paper. In the era of the Internet, the new technologies and digital devices, the little sister of Tank combines, since this autumn, the two formats. It might be a paradox, but it is not. We chat with its editor in chief, Caroline Issa, about Because, about magazines and it’s new app Fashion Scan. But, above all, we talked about the new ways of consuming fashion.

We truly believe that mobile phones will be the saviour to print!

What’s the main feature of Because magazine?  Who is addressed to?

Because is a luxury fashion magazine that seeks to bridge the print and digital worlds seamlessly. Our audience is generally tech-savvy, but it is addressed for anyone that has a real interest in fashion and who loves to find innovation in print magazines!

Why did you decide to publish on paper now?

We actually published four issues as a supplement to The Guardian from September 2012 launching the Fashion Scan app (an app that visually recognizes instantly something on the printed page and delivers you extra digital content on your mobile or iPad), but we decided this year to publish Because as a stand alone magazine, taking full advantage of the newly updated and better Fashion Scan app technology which we developed! We feel that the printed format still remains as an important medium for communicating the message of luxury fashion, however with the rise of mobile phones we had to find a way to link the two. That is why we came up with the idea for the Fashion Scan app and we truly believe that mobile phones will be the saviour to print!

Fashion talk with Caroline Issa about Fashion Magazine 2.0 era |

Where can we find the magazine?

You can find them in the best newsstands around the world, and you can also get a paper copy of the launched issue if you sign up to our newsletter on!

Could you explain to us a little bit about the creative process behind Because?

The Because team looks at fashion features with moving images in mind, knowing that the print magazine text has to be engaging and standalone, but we also know that there will be an added layer of moving images, videos and web content that will compliment the printed page! So it’s very much about moving images first, and then the printed text!

Why do you think about the fact that fashion films have had such a great impact in the way we consume fashion?

I believe that because of the rapid growth in technology, it is natural that we have changed the way we consume fashion. Films are perfect for bringing editorials to life or telling a brand’s story or inspiring or delivering extra layers of storytelling. It is only natural that now that the video format is such an accessible medium, fashion films are so integral to communicating the season’s key stories and messages. The films on have been so successful in terms of views that we have no doubt that short fashion films are a long-lasting and far-reaching trend.

Fashion talk with Caroline Issa about Fashion Magazine 2.0 era |

In what sense do you believe that mobiles would lead the future of fashion and magazines?

We have already seen that more people are using their mobiles to surf the net. In fact, mobile usage is already surpassing the usage of Internet on a desktop. More and more people are shopping from their mobiles, using them to watch fashion shows, trend videos and so on. Of course that doesn’t mean that the printed version has become obsolete, the printed version still remains as an important medium. For me, the future is all about linking the physical objects, whether it is a magazine, or even a bus shelter advert, to the digital world, and that is where the Fashion Scan app comes in. We’ve also found that our readers are avid online shoppers, so we’re talking to a mobile-first audience who loves fashion.

How did your Fashion Scan App born and how can we take advantage of it?

Fashion Scan was really created as a response to the growing popularity of fashion films, and it was also created because of the rise of the mobile era. It was super important for us to make sure that the printed-paper still has a value, and the Fashion Scan app certainly does do that, engaging readers with paper but also be able to access digital content!

The app is a bridge between the online and printed world, it really allows our readers to connect to our online content while they still enjoy all the pleasures of reading a print magazine.  

You talk about a Magazine 2.0 era, what features does it have?

Because is essentially a type of pop-up book for adults –it really provides different layers, and different ways to read the magazine, and to see fashion. What’s great about all of this is that it encourages readers to return to the magazine, even weeks after they buy it, as they can constantly discover new content. It also means you can immediately click to buy a product you see on a page –let’s say you see a McQueen coat and you love it –we’ll direct you to the Net-A-Porter page where you can buy it immediately after having seen it and admired it in the printed magazine Because!

Looking far beyond, make a prediction about a Magazine 2.5 era: How do you feel it might be?

I believe that Fashion Scan will become THEpublishing platform for fashion on mobile devices. Soon you will able to scan all fashion magazines, all adverts, even products, anything! It opens up so many possibilities for sharing content with users, which is really exciting.